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As the nation celebrates the auspicious 50th year of its glorious independence, Bangladesh can look back and reflect on its robust socio-economic development, that has made the world sit up and take notice of its endless potential. Throughout this impressive journey, there have been a number of benevolent organisations and iconic individuals who have partnered with the government, institutions and communities in their plight towards sustainable development.

Gearing up to achieve middle-income status and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid out by the United Nations, it is imperative to manifest a collaborative approach through meaningful partnerships between the government and organisations with exceptional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, in order to unlock our true potential. A Better Tomorrow CSR Summit/Awards celebrates some of the most remarkable and impactful CSR initiatives that encapsulate the indomitable resilience of our people, striving towards a better future.

Now, more than ever, we must adapt and realign our objectives to ensure sustainable nation-building and propel the country to newer heights – in pursuit of A Better Tomorrow.


A Better Tomorrow™ CSR Summit & Awards, jointly organized by The Daily Star and CSR Window, posits itself as a one-of-a-kind platform that celebrates responsible organizations and iconic individuals who have had exceptional contribution in community service and social responsibility, to help the nation achieve the all-important Sustainable Development Goals.

The initiative kicks off featuring CSR dialogues and webinars that will bring together corporate heads, central and local government representatives and root-level development leaders via dialogues covering issues faced by the marginalized communities across all 8 divisions of Bangladesh, and changes that need to be put in place. CSR Dialogues will be held every week leading up to the main CSR Summit & Awards gala event held at the nation’s capital on September 25th 2021, on the UN Global Day of Action. The main event will feature the biggest names in the corporate and development sectors in a series of four engaging webinars on pressing issues, and a grand CSR Award ceremony to honour the most impactful CSR programmes in support of Bangladesh’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The dialogues, webinars and the CSR Summit & Awards gala event will be broadcasted LIVE on The Daily Star’s and CSR Window’s social media platforms to enhance reach and enable local community representatives to voice their concerns to the panels.


CSR Summit & Divisional CSR Dialogues

Leaders from Corporate, Development, Government and Media Sectors from all 8 divisions will join in LIVE discussions

15 July - 24 September

CSR Awards Nominations Deadline

Any company can submit as many CSR initiatives as they want in this site

10 September 2021

CSR Summit & Awards Main Event

A Better Tomorrow™ CSR Summit & Awards gala event will be held in Dhaka

25 September 2021


Best CSR Education Program

This award will be given to the corporates that has implemented a project designed specifically towards large scale literacy and education for children and/or adults with sustainable and long-term prospects.

Best CSR in Healthcare

This will be awarded to the corporate that has designed, innovated, and successfully implemented initiatives in improving the infrastructure or existing mechanisms of healthcare solutions in Bangladesh.

Best CSR in Environmental Impact

Best CSR in Environmental Impact

This will be awarded to the corporate that has integrated environmental projects and initiatives into its sustainable development strategy and has delivered outcomes to fight climate change.

Best CSR in Community Engagement

This will be awarded to a corporate that has delivered positive change in improving the living standard of communities under distress, struggle, or other forms of socio-economic crisis.

Best CSR in CoVID-19 Response

Best CSR in Covid-19 Response

This category will recognize innovative localized strategies and efforts intended to tackle COVID-19 impacts, that have resulted in commendable effect on public health and safely during/post pandemic.

Young Humanitarian of the Year

Young Humanitarian of the Year

This award will be given to a young changemaker below 40 years of age who has delivered inspiring and meaningful transformations in improving lives or has displayed exceptional leadership skills in influencing communities positively towards achieving the SDGs.

Best CSR in Financial Inclusion

This award will be given to a corporate that has created initiatives or education programs which enabled communities to start growing out of poverty through personal finance, entrepreneurship, or financial literacy.


Eligibility for Submissions

Any representative directly under employment of a company in Bangladesh can submit the company’s CSR Project(s) or initiative(s) for consideration.

The submission must be done in full knowledge of decision-making authorities and top management of the company.

No. Each submission for the award must be conducted by an employee of the Company, under full knowledge of the company’s top management and decision-making authority.

Any legal Company registered and operating in Bangladesh can submit information on its CSR activities for Nomination.

Each company can submit CSR Initiatives under as many categories as they want.

CSR Activities that have started, ended, or continue to run and create impact  throughout the period from Jan 2019 till date are all eligible for consideration. We are accepting CSR Award nominations for seven specific categories which are given here.

Rules for Submissions

Each company can submit as many CSR Project Submissions as they want, given that they started, ended, or have continued to run them during the period of Jan-Dec 2020.

Yes, one CSR Project can fall under different Award Categories, and a company can nominate each project under multiple categories.

3 nominees from each of the seven categories (21 in total) will be invited to the Award Ceremony as Finalists, where the winners will be announced by Industry and Government Leaders at a Grand Event.

The prestigious CSR Awards 2021 will be awarded to 7 winners (6 companies and 1 individual), one from each announced category.

No. Each company can submit as many CSR Projects as nominations as they want, free of cost.

Once you submit your nominations, they cannot be edited. If you need to correct something crucial, please feel free to contact us.

Following the submission deadline of 10th September 2021, the Finalists will be announced by 20th September 2021. 21 Finalists will be invited to a Grand Award Ceremony in Dhaka, where 7 Winners will be announced.



Each Nomination will be carefully evaluated by a team of independent Jury Panel, consisting of leaders from the corporate, development, and policymaking sectors. The 21 finalists (3 from each Category) will undergo a rigorous evaluation process including onsite verifications, beneficiary interviews, and impact assessment.

For ensuring fair judgment from external influence, the Jury Panel will be announced after the Submissions are closed. Finalists will be contacted, evaluated, and invited to participate in the national CSR Summit & Awards 2021. Seven winners for the Seven Categories will be announced at the CSR Awards ceremony.

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