CSR Awards Finalists 2022: How Burhani BSRM School Creates Opportunity for Slum Children
Burhani BSRM School, fully free, was established with the mission to create opportunity for slum children in Bangla Bazar, Chittagong to go to school to help them get a better start for their lives.

Burhani BSRM School was established in 2006 in Debar par, Shershah Bangla bazar. The majority of the population in that area falls under the category of the ‘poorest of poor’, many of them working as Rickshaw pullers, day laborers or employed at menial jobs in small shops. The women, those who work,
find jobs as maids in houses or find employment as day laborers. The school provides free education from nursery to grade viii. It also provides free books, extra coaching, computer training, sports/arts, facilities and uniforms.

BSRM also partners with educational events and organizations, and provides additional facilities to children studying in the school:
British Council and BSRM partnered under ‘Enhancing English Reading Skills through Book Reading Competition’ since 2015 to establish a fully equipped library and develop a reading habit. Burhani BSRM school was opened with nursery and primary education. Gradually new classes added and made upto grade 8 or Junior School Certificate. The number of students increased over the years so is the number of teachers, at present 25 teachers on full pay. The school introduced a state-of- the-art computer lab, library, coaching classes by hiring outside teachers, sports and other amenities that improves and enhances quality and education environment

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