CSR Awards Finalists 2022: How Edotco Bangladesh Provides Electricity to Remote Area of the Country
The Solar Street Lamp and Electricity CSR Project at Ramu & Kutubdia, Cox’s Bazar provides free electricity and renewable energy in the vicinity of the two edotco towers to benefit some 2800 people residing in the area.

in 2022, the project edotco Bangladesh launched the first Solar Street Lamp project in Ramu and Kutubdia by harnessing solar energy from its towers to address the need of the underserved community of Ramu and Kutubdia. The said community was struggling from a lack of electricity, especially at night. Due to the lack of streetlamps, life after the sunset was difficult for them as the streets were unsafe at night.

Businessmen of the local bazaar used to close their shops immediately after the sunset even though it used to cause huge financial loss.

All in all, the community used to shut down completely after sunset.

After the implementation of the project, more than 2,800 individuals, who were previously deprived of national grid electricity, are being directly benefited from this Solar Street Lamp projects.

Access to Free electricity has eased their livelihood as now the students can do their homework at night and attend school in summer with much comfort; fisherman can charge their mobile phones and remain
updated about the weather forecast; women can perform their household work easily even after dark; local markets remain open after sunset ensures good business. Overall, access to electricity has significantly lowered the challenges faced by all the community people over the years.

I can keep my shop open 2-3 hours after sunset. This has really impacted my income. Previously, we used to close shops in the afternoon, so we did not have to travel in the dark. There was a lot of robberies and thieves.”- Manna, 38, Shopkeeper, Ramu, Chattogram

Additional Findings from Research
20 local beneficiaries, including 4 shop owners and 1 mosque muazzin and the team
from Edotco participated in the research.

  • Approximately 136 tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved each year due to solar
    powered alternatives for street lamps and kerosene-fueled alternatives in homes
  • Shops are open 2-3 more hours. Mosques are open till 10pm in the areas
  • Quality of life improved and crime rate in highways decreased due to street
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