CSR Awards Finalists 2022: How Energypac Provides Drinkable Water to Remote Areas
Energypac runs a clean water supply project along with creating awareness of waterborne diseases in a remote area affected by salinity in Dacope, Khulna.

Dacope upazila in Khulna lack an improved safe water source and salinity affecting health and drinking water. The people of this region depend on specific sources for drinking water, which includes rainwater
harvesting (RHW), pond sand filters (PSF), reverse osmosis (more), deep tube wells, and pond water. Due to the high cost of technology, the marginalized people of the area cannot use technology-based water sources. Therefore, they often drink contaminated water from local sources. As a result, most people in the area get infected with waterborne diseases.

In 2017, Energypac started the initiative of providing safe water. Until now, the company has contributed BDT 15 lacs to this project. To ensure safe water access, the company uses two submersible water pumps of 8.5 horsepower for two of its 1000 feet deep tubewell. Water is supplied directly from the pump using four high-pressure taps. The base area for the water tap is about 1000 square feet. Every day about two hundred families collect water from here—the tubewell supply more than ten thousand litres of water in two phases. The company has its own Health Environment and Safety (HES) department to oversee the supply and water quality. GGas’s maintenance department and the HES department work together to maintain the water supply pumps and solve any problems.

This water collecting point is in the extended area of Energypac’s G-gas plant in Chunkuri, Dacope, Khulna.

To create awareness, Energypac has also arranged local talks and seminars on the side effects of using saline and contaminated water. In Chunkuri, water is supplied directly from the pump using four high-pressure taps, and local people are aware of drinking pure water.

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