CSR Awards Finalists 2022: How Nestle Provides Fresh water and girls’ sanitation facilities for Communities
Nestlé provided fresh water and girls’ sanitation facilities in densely populated area on Sreepur, Gazipur. This initiative continues to support the community and educate the importance of good health and hygiene.

As a part of Creating Shared Value for society, Nestlé Bangladesh Limited addresses these challenges of access to clean drinking water for communities around our factory in Sreepur and constructs clean drinking water tanks and separate Sanitation facilities for Girls in Gazipur, Bangladesh.

The project initiated with the aim of helping school going students with access to clean water and separate toilets for girls, now it is being a trusted source of safe drinking water for communities as well.

Separate girls’ toilets keep girls at school without facing consequences of social stigma of sharing common toilets and prevent diseases like UTIs.

To date, Nestlé Bangladesh has constructed 58 water tanks benefitting 63, 000 students and communities. In these schools, they also provide water awareness training to help students understand the scarcity and be aware of water waste. So far, 5,300 students have been trained face to face in this awareness program. Nestlé Bangladesh has is also launching the ‘Water Education Program’ in these schools, to have more in depth awareness and solution-centric education among students about water and hygiene.

The company also constructed 39 girls’ sanitation facilities which helped 18,000 female students to remain at school, without the worry about proper sanitation. maintain the tanks and test the water quality each quarter to ensure the safety and quality of water. Even when the schools were closed, they continued our maintenance and tests, so that even if one person is having water from the tanks, it is safe.

The total fund of this project is segregated to building water tank, toilets, quarterly maintenance, and tests. Each year the company spends Tk.2 million in building water tanks and toilets and Tk.4.5 million in maintenance and tests. Tk.26 million (2.6 crores) has been funded in total to run this project till date.

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