CSR Awards Finalists 2022: How Olympic Industries Provides Free Medical Services to Women and Child
Olympic Industries provides free and subsidized medical services to factory workers and their communities, addressing their basic medical needs and focusing on nutrition as much as possible.

Olympic Industries’ initiative in health and nutrition, dubbed the Lolati Health & Nutrition Centre, provided healthcare facilities with paid doctors and nurses for general health and nutrition support to their factory workers and residents of nearby community in Lolati, Kanchpur Union Parishad Sonargaon, Narayanganj.

This center has conducted community announcements, banners, advertisements and free medical camps pre and post COVID as well.

Since the project’s beginning, doctors and nutritionists have given 40,000+ consultations at Tk. 50/visit. The health support has gotten better since the diagnostic lab opened. Over 10,000 test results have been successfully delivered by the lab free of cost. The community’s patient recovery rate has dramatically increased as a result of these findings and consultations.

90% of diagnosed cases of TB have been cured. 50% of diagnosed cases of diabetes have good diabetic control. 50% of diagnosed cases of Hypertension have controlled blood pressure. 95% of diagnosed cases of UTI have been cured. 90% of diagnosed cases of RTI have been cured. 50% of underweight patients have gained normal BMI. 20% of overweight patients have gained normal BMI. 50% of diagnosed cases of mental illness resolved. 50% of diagnosed cases of anemia have been cured. 80% of diagnosed cases of pre-diabetes have good diabetic control.

The Center also contributed significantly to the fight against other seasonal illnesses like typhoid, diarrhea, dengue fever, the flu, etc.

Additional Findings from Research

  • The healthcare support was initiatied primarily for factory workers of Olympic
    Industries and their families
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