CSR Awards Finalists 2022: How PRAN-RFL Group Supports Human Trafficking Victims Via Skill Development
PRAN-RFL Group funds vocational training and rehabilitation of human trafficking victims with Winrock International, who are placed in jobs to re-integrate them into society

Since 2021, Pran-RFL Group hires rehabilitated victims of human trafficking with Winrock International Bangladesh and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Each batch of residents receive accommodation, training and job placement. This includes3-month training, with two months of theoretical as well as skill-based training, as well as one month of on-the-job training or internships.

Pran-RFL Group provides machinery and logistical support required for the training, and provides them jobs in their factories or help set up dealerships for their products.

Since 2021, 4600 victims got skill development training, 3200+ already graduated and 2600+ are holding jobs or businesses.

Additional Findings from Research
15 beneficiaries, the administration from Winrock and the team from Pran-RFL Group
participated in the research.

  • Graduates find jobs in Welding, Tailoring, Mobile and electric servicing, Garment,
    Various production-based work in factories.
  • Graduates who are in jobs start with salaries ranging from Tk. 8-10k
  • Graduates in businessed have 10k-12k on average at the end of the month

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