Human Aid Research Lab & Hospital”, founded by Dr. Moin in 2019, provides free
healthcare support for the underpriviledged. In Dhaka.

Dr. Moin gathered a team of volunteers, doctors and nurses who sympathized with his
idea and began his mission of free healthcare for all. Till date, his Foundation was active
in most healthcare crises and scares across the nation.

The Foundation under his leadership has donated over 50,000 bags of blood to
Thalassemia patients and pooled a group of 10,000+ volunteers to the cause. The group
also carried out awareness session regarding the cause in several public universities.
Across various natural disasters and floods over the years, Dr. Moin and his volunteers set
up free medical camps where they were needed. Over 800,000 benefitted from 300+
medical camps till date.

During the COVID pandemic, Dr. Moin was one of the earliest reponders, gathering
support and distributing them to the first 11 COVID and the busiest public hospitals,
arranged for free screenings for over 5 lakh and partnered with various major radio
networks to reach remote areas with localized awareness campaigns

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