Since 2014, Bloodman is using the Meta blood donation tool and provided training to use this tool to 400+ hospitals.

Bloodman has been supporting Meta, formerly Facebook, since 2017 with data and suggestions to
make the tool more user centric. They have since supported around half a million people find right
donor through its diverse blood donation and awareness programs.

Jiisun also set up a Bloodman Hotline number to provide donor support and providing special support to many cancer and thalassemia hospitals like, Thalassemia Samity Hospital and BANCAT.

Bloodman also uses social media page or website to take online requests. Jiisun also Launched awareness campaigns like “Blood donation challenge in collaboration with Brac” and empathy development towards thalassemia patients through offline and online campaigns. It also engaging youths in social goods with other projects like Tour for social goods, Greengen Movement and many more which supported 40k+ people with emergency food, medicine, and shelter.

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