CSR Awards Finalists: How Azwa Nayeem Ensures Quality Education for All
Azwa Nayeem is the Founder of Alokito Hridoy Foundation, and is impacting lives and quality of education in schools by training thousands of teachers in modern and gamified teaching methods, focusing from rural to even the remotest areas of the country.

Defying rural patriarchy with the determination to take a scientific approach to solve the education conundrum, Ajwa Nayeem launched and spearheaded a low-cost charter school in a rural area 50km away from the capital, heavily populated by low-income factory workers. Envisioning the school as a laboratory, she started building evidence on ensuring quality education for the children of blue-collar workers who even dreamt of becoming the Prime Minister one day. First, they would curate, test, and iterate interventions based on learning outcomes, student-teacher relationships, and the overall classroom environment. Then the plan is to use the most effective innovations to train and mentor teachers.

The training of teachers revolved around mentorships on student-need-based teaching approaches, where the students took responsibility for their learning, making the teachers more confident. Today, this activity is being spread to over 700 schools. Eventually, some of the teacher development tools were adopted nationally, which earned Ms. Nayeem the opportunity to become a member of the National Task Force for developing a Blended Education Policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ajwa Nayeem also built an ed-tech platform that hosts over 7000 teachers from across the country. These teachers have shared over 200 teaching innovations and best practices in one year. Till date, the program has developed over 15,000 teachers.

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