Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Award Finalists 2023: How EnergyPac is serving 16,000+ people monthly with potable water in Dacope
Like many other districts in south-western Bangladesh, Dacope also suffers from high salinity. The people in this area depend on available sources of drinking water such as rainwater or pond water. To make safe drinkable water available to them, in 2017 Energypac started the initiative of providing safe water.

Before 2017, people in Dacope, including Chunkuri, faced the challenge of high-water salinity and limited access to clean water. However, with Energypac’s efforts, the situation is improving for inhabitants. The key to success has been raising awareness among the locals, who are now able to drink water from the G-Gas plant. This has led to a decrease in water-borne diseases and a positive change in the villagers’ lifestyles. The impact on their health and well-being has positively affected the economic growth of the region. Nearby schools now have access to clean water; therefore, students no longer suffer from water-borne diseases, and school attendance has comparatively increased.

In 2017, Energypac started the initiative of providing safe water. Until now, the company has contributed BDT 25 lacs to the infrastructure development of this project. To ensure safe water access, the company uses two submersible water pumps of 8.5 horsepower for two of its 1000 feet deep tube well. Water is supplied directly from the pump using four high-pressure taps. Every day about 300 families collect water from hereā€”the tube well supplies more than 10,000 litres of water in 2 phases. Almost 1200 inhabitants are served from here every day, and 20 million liters of water have already been distributed. The company has its own Health Environment and Safety (HES) department to oversee the supply and water quality.

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