Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Award Finalists 2023: How MGI is utilizing Sea Bins
MGI, as part of its CSR activity ‘My Green Initiative,’ has taken a proactive approach to environmental sustainability by installing two Seabin water cleaning devices in Banani Lake near its head office, Fresh Villa.

The impact of the “Seabin Project” is both quantifiable and far-reaching, making a positive difference in various aspects, such as environmental preservation, community awareness, and the potential for replication.

  1. Environmental Impact: The installation of two Seabin water cleaning devices in Banani Lake has had a substantial environmental impact. Over the course of approximately 9,500 operational hours, these Seabins have effectively removed an impressive 5.0 metric tons of floating debris, trash, and plastics from the lake. This quantifiable data underscores the initiative’s success in mitigating water pollution and preserving the local ecosystem.
  2. Water Quality Improvement: The removal of tons of debris and pollutants from Banani Lake has significantly enhanced the quality of the water body. This improved water quality benefits aquatic life, contributing to the overall health and preservation of the lake’s natural habitat.
  3. Community Awareness: The presence of the Seabins in Banani Lake has created a ripple effect on community awareness. It has drawn the attention of the local community and passersby, leading to increased public awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability. This heightened awareness is instrumental in promoting responsible environmental practices among the public.

In summary, the Seabin Project, has made a substantial impact on the environment by removing a significant number of debris and pollutants from Banani Lake. It has improved water quality, preserved the natural habitat, and raised public awareness about environmental sustainability.

The project’s success and easy replicability also offer the potential for similar initiatives to be implemented in different locations, thus expanding its impact beyond Banani Lake. Furthermore, MGI’s commitment to future expansion sets a positive example for other organizations to strive for greater goals in their CSR efforts.

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