Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Award Finalists 2023: How Banglalink is empowering people through natural crisis
Banglalink Community Resilience Building Initiatives are aimed at empowering people during crises with reliable communication, support, and inclusive relief efforts. At the core of the initiative are the toll-free emergency numbers that serve as a crucial lifeline, enabling individuals and communities to access essential services, including emergency blood donation and assistance.

Banglalink has provided aid and support to over 250,000 families and 1 million individuals are benefitted through these emergency response initiatives. In addition to providing general support, we also do our best to use our digital assets to ensure timely and accurate dissemination of information:

Developing an Early Warning System for People Trapped in the Path of the Cyclone Mocha: The company deployed 4G resources and ground employees to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and to develop an early warning system for people trapped in the path of the Cyclone Mocha. They also provided real-time updates and warnings from the Bangladesh Government’s meteorologists gave several days warning of where and when Cyclone Mocha would hit. The information was communicated through the MyBL app for those with smartphones on Banglalink social channels and by SMS for those with standard phones.

Live Coverage of the Trajectory and Tracker of Cyclone Mocha was provided on the MyBL app: Banglalink Smartphone users could see if they were in the path of the cyclone through the Cyclone Tracker integrated into the MyBL app. Through this trajectory tracker, Banglalink customers were able to enable themselves and their families residing within the vicinity of the affected area to take evasive action in order to save themselves from the storm.

The following users accessed Banglalink’s Warning messages, which were free of cost, during the disaster period:

  • 17 million push notifications warning of the disaster
  • User base of Barisal: 1.2 million, Chattogram: 1.30 million received warnings free of charges (aprrox. 25% of the population)
  • 150k+ received warnings through the app
  • 250,000+ received relief support

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