Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Award Finalists 2023: How Nestlé is providing sanitation for young girls
In the rural community, not having separate girls’ toilets remains one of the top reasons for girls’ school drop-out and suffering from diseases like urinary tract infection. On period days, they would rather stay home, then share the toilet with boys at school. As a part of Creating Shared Value for society, Nestlé Bangladesh PLC addresses this challenge of breaking a social taboo and in our pursuit of keeping the girls at school, the organization constructs separate Sanitation facilities for Girls in Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Our project was initiated with the aim of helping girls to remain at school or preventing the drop- out due to sanitation problems, and gradually we have incorporated other programs like awareness on menstruation and girls’ nutrition. Our separate girls’ toilets keep girls at school without facing consequences of social stigma of sharing common toilets and prevent diseases like UTIs. The impact of the project remains high. As per the feedback taken from the authority, the toilets remain a testament to the fact that the sick leaves during menstruating days have gone down significantly. Also, girls have fewer complaints about UTI. Having a separate sanitation facility, also helps them to remain at school rather than dropping out for this unusual reason. In Nestlé Bangladesh, we implement CSV which is Creating Shared Value for standing beside the society. The amount stated below thus does not reflect our CSR Spend. The total fund of this project is allotted to construction and maintenance of the toilet. Each year the spend is around 0.5 Mio just on the sanitation facility.

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