Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Award Finalists 2023: How Reckitt is outreaching hygiene for everyone
Dettol and Harpic joined forces with the Bangla Academy to make a meaningful impact at the month-long national book fair campaign. Recognizing the importance of hand hygiene, toilet cleanliness, and environmental well-being, we embarked on a mission to enhance the visitor experience

The book fair, a beloved annual event for the people of Dhaka, drew book enthusiasts from across Bangladesh. To promote hygiene, 12 hand wash stations were strategically placed, complete with water supply and hand wash liquid soap. Attendees were encouraged to practice hand hygiene upon entry, creating a safer environment, especially in the context of COVID-19. Moreover, we ensured the availability of clean and hygienic toilets, equipped with cleaning materials and staff to maintain their pristine condition. This collaborative effort transformed the book fair experience for attendees, providing access to public toilets and handwashing facilities that left them delighted. Dettol and Harpic’s commitment to healthier lives and happier homes shone through, making the event not only a celebration of literature but also a showcase of community well-being.

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