Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards Finalist 2023: How Arian Arif’s মজার ইশকুল is ensuring education for street children
Arian Arif, is the Founder & Executive Director of Odommo Bangladesh Foundation also known as Mojar School (মজা র ইশকু ল). Established in January 10, 2013, near Dhaka University’s Suhrawardy Udyan, Mojar School began with 13 street children and has now grown to 2300 students across 20 branches as of 2023. Mojar School’s goal is to ensure a Bangladesh free of street children and has a good ecosystem to reach this vision based on the street children’s lifestyle.

At Mojar School, they focus on four core programs: education, food, youth development, and shelter home. Each program is designed to address critical needs and provide a holistic approach to uplift the less fortunate in our society especially for the street children. In addition to that, they are actively engaged in two prominent projects: “Shopner Pathshala,” which aims to empower dreams through education, and the “OBBS Employment Project,” a dynamic initiative geared towards creating job opportunities and fostering economic independence for marginalized individuals. Every day they are
serving 2300 children, in a month (26 Days) 59,800, in a year 717,600 and in the last 11 years (2013-23) they have served around 78,93,600 underprivileged children and adults.

Odommo Bangladesh Better Stories (OBBS): Street child’s background often come from deprived and marginalized families. Taking concern of this they have taken this initiative to uplift the family’s financial situation so that they can take good care of their children by providing them financial support, rickshaw, van, employment and sewing training to more than 200+ families.
Shopner Pathshala: Through a successful partnership with the international branches of KFC and Pizza Hut, they have been utilizing their 8 branches (Khilgaon, Bashabo, Banasree, Mirpur 1 & 11, Uttara 6 & 12, and Cox’s Bazaar) to educate 200 street children each month.
NCTB Curriculum Based Education: Mojar School provides education based on national curriculum (NCTB) to 1050 students in 4 permanent branches located in Dhaka and Manpura. Through the education program they are ensuring that the children have a secure and standard life away from the streets and enabling them to live a happy life with their loved ones. Currently they are studying from pre-primary to class 8.
Under the Sky Mojar School: Through the establishment of six Under the Sky Mojar School (UTSMS) located in Dhaka’s most vulnerable areas, including rail and bus stations, as well as launch ghats, they have successfully connected with 1050 students. These UTSMS not only provide basic educational support but also offer a safe and conducive environment for learning, reaching out to children who may otherwise lack access to formal education.
Food & Nutrition for the underprivileged children: They have been providing food to underprivileged children and adults. They have provided to more than 7,00,000 lakh people with meal in this 11 years journey.
Youth Development: With 7,500 volunteers spread across the nation, his organization is powered by a dedicated and passionate community of individuals who are committed to making a meaningful impact.

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