Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards Finalists 2023: How Epyllion Group’s Reaz Public School is serving a holistic childhood development platform
Reaz Public School is an education intervention introduced in Nabiganj, Narayanganj by Epyllion Group with the objective of introducing a holistic childhood development platform with the mission of nurturing children’s potentiality.

Unlike other schools, Reaz Public School prioritizes creating a respectful and joyful learning environment for children where they can openly reveal their curiosity and interest. RPS started as a primary school from playgroup to class five and each year a new class will be added till class ten.

The project “Reaz Public School” In that light, the idea of Reaz Public School came as a solution to introduce different educational projects from an institutional perspective. This project’s aim is to empower not only students of Reaz Public School but also their families and the broader community as a whole. Additionally, RPS plays a pivotal role in enhancing the local educational ecosystem, serving as a model of excellence and contributing to community upliftment.

Reaz Public School (RPS) boasts an architecturally pleasing campus design, characterized by open -air spaces that invite ample natural light, fostering an ideal learning environment. With ten dedicated and capable teachers hailing from versatile backgrounds, RPS offers a well-rounded educational experience. Reaz Public School (RPS) employs a multifaceted approach to address the prevalent issues effectively. To mitigate financial barriers, RPS offers affordable monthly fees of only three hundred taka, and during admission, provides students with essential educational materials and uniforms, ensuring that socioeconomic conditions do not hinder access to education. Language development is prioritized by teaching students to communicate in proper Bengali, encouraging a standardized linguistic environment within the school.

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