Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards Finalists 2023: How Mamun Biswas is extending support to helpless and underprivileged people through his Karuna Foundation
In the realm of social interaction, the helpless and marginalized people found support at the feet of 34-year-old Yusuf, Mamun Biswas. With the help of some good-hearted individuals, Mamun Biswas extended his hand of assistance in every possible way. After reaching adulthood, Mamun Biswas made an appeal to everyone who could extend their support to assist those in need. He continued to provide assistance to people of all ages.

Mamun Biswas’ charitable efforts included providing food for the hungry, helping widows and orphans, offering support during Eid festivals, digging wells, offering financial support, helping the homeless find shelter, providing clothing to those in need, and assisting in various community development projects. His compassion and support reached far and wide, benefiting people from all walks of life. Karuna Foundation extended its support to helpless and underprivileged people by providing financial aid, which helped in the rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities.
Mamun Biswas also extended a helping hand to those in need by providing financial assistance for medical treatment and helping women in distress. Karuna Foundation also distributed food items to needy and destitute individuals. Besides helping people, Mamun Biswas extended his support to animals as well, ensuring their wellbeing and care.
Mamun Biswas’ philanthropic work continued, and in 2013, he established the Karuna Foundation, which became a center of hope and support for many. His compassion and dedication made a significant impact on the lives of countless people. He also initiated various social projects and continued to work for the betterment of society.
Mamun Biswas’ work received recognition and praise, and in 2016, he was featured in a documentary program called ‘Yeshobuke Mamunor Manobosob,’ which showcased his contributions to humanity. In 2017, he collaborated with various organizations and individuals to produce a documentary titled ‘Ghore Noy Shojjho,’ aimed at raising awareness about the struggles and challenges faced by helpless individuals.
Mamun Biswas continued to assist people in need, and his work extended beyond just financial support. He helped people regain their self-esteem and dignity and provided emotional support to those going through difficult times. His mission was to bring smiles to the faces of those who had lost hope, and he achieved this goal through various means

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