Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards Finalists 2023: How EDOTCO is lightig up 50+ Shishu Bikash Kendro
EDOTCO Bangladesh partnered with ActionAid Bangladesh and implemented the “Empowering Shishu Bikash Kendro” project wherein EDOTCO has supported ActionAid Bangladesh to install solar panels to provide electricity support in 50 (fifty) Shishu Bikash Kendros (SBK) across the country.

The principal Goal of this initiative is to establish a dependable and environmentally sustainable electricity supply in remote regions, with a specific focus on enhancing the well-being of marginalized communities, particularly children. This accessible

source of electricity has the potential to enhance daily living conditions, and contribute to educational opportunities for children and promote sustainable ecology. An integral component of the project involved enhancing the learning environment in Child Spaces by introducing solar powered fans, lighting systems, and power for digital equipment.

EDOTCO Bangladesh has supported to install 50 solar panels in Child Development Centers, which improves the space because now electricity is always available. This helped children do better in their studies and get more excited about learning. Now, more than 7000 children have a safe place with electricity where they can study, participate in extracurricular activities, and engage in to fun activities at the child space. They also get to use digital tools and watch educational videos, which helps them understand things better. Through this project, these children are learning in a better environment, and some of them are experiencing electricity for the first time because their community didn’t have it before. With this, children not only secure a promising future but also gain knowledge about solar and sustainable energy, understanding how they contribute to environmental preservation through the utilization of solar power.

The selected locations were primarily chosen based on limited access to reliable electricity sources and considering the development needs of underprivileged children.

SBK Locations:

  1. Thanchi-13
  2. Biswambarpur-6
  3. Ghoraghat-10
  4. Bakalia -4
  5. Kallyanpur -2
  6. Chanpara -2
  7. Phulbari -5
  8. Lalmonirhat -2
  9. Shyamnagar -6
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