Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards Finalists 2023: How Lamea Tanjin Tanha is working for the transgender community
Lamea Tanjin Tanha is the co founder and CEO of the non-profit organization TransEnd. The organization works with the aim of bridging the gap between the transgender, hijra and gender-diverse community and the mainstream community through education, training, healthcare, employment and entrepreneurship.

Lamea the founder of TransEnd, a social organization that works for the empowerment of the hijra
community in Bangladesh, was inspired by a personal story that her mother shared when she was 12 years old. Her mother told how she had welcomed and befriended a group of hijra people who had visited their house when Lamea was a newborn baby. Her mother still remembered the name of the leader of that group, Mala Hijra, who had shared her life struggles with her mother and had cried with emotion. Their mother had also told them to be empathetic towards the hijra people and to do
something to eradicate their miseries.
Lamea researched and surveyed the hijra community to find holistic solutions for their sufferings. She identified three main barriers to their social and financial inclusion: (1) the myths, misinformation, and taboos about the hijra community in Bangladeshi society, (2) the lack of opportunities for the marginalized and dropped out transgender people, and (3) the lack of knowledge on financial management among the hijra and trans sex workers.
To overcome the first barrier, TransEnd uploads various contents, such as infographics, blogs, and stop motion videos, on their online platform to educate and sensitize the public about trans rights. They also conduct sensitization programs at corporate places, offices, and institutions to encourage them to offer more job and employment opportunities to trans people.
To overcome the second barrier, TransEnd creates a free online+ offline platform for the 1 million transgender people, where they can get free training sessions on different skilldeveloping subjects, such as Handicrafts, English, Communication, Basic Computer, Parlour work, Fashion & Lifestyle, Tailoring, Cooking, Crafting etc.
To overcome the third barrier, TransEnd provides free training to trans people on how to plan and manage their finances, such as buying a home, paying for their children’s education, and retirement, making wise investments, and getting tax, banking and insurance advice.
Through their platform, various online and offline sensitization programs, skill-development
workshops, and awareness-building campaigns have been conducted through which
545000+ general people have been sensitized, 735+ marginalized hijra people got skilled
in different subjects e.g English language, Cycling, Handicrafts, Communication, Digital
Literacy etc and 373+ trans people have joined in mainstream jobs scoped by TransEnd.
During the pandemic Covid-19, TransEnd has initiated a fund-raising campaign through
which we provided more than 2500 unprivileged, jobless hijra people with food, blankets,
and hygiene items to tackle the pandemic and survive winter.
As a result of her advocacies and initiative for the transgender folks’ employment issue,
Bangladesh Government declared 5% TAX rebate for the corporate companies who will
hire transgender employees.
Besides, since as a volunteer-led organization, till date, more than 650 young volunteers
have been working actively advocating for the underprivileged transgender community.

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