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Application for 2023 csr awards is closed​.

The Application Deadline for the 2023 A Better Tomorrow™ CSR Summit & Awards is now closed. Please stay updated with our Social Media for Event dates and Resources. You can also Contact Us for any queries you have. 

Application Closes on Oct 10:

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Eligibility for Submissions

Any representative directly under employment of a company in Bangladesh can submit the company’s CSR Project(s) or initiative(s) for consideration.

The submission must be done in full knowledge of decision-making authorities and top management of the company.

No. Each submission for the award must be conducted by an employee of the Company, under full knowledge of the company’s top management and decision-making authority.

Any legal Company registered and operating in Bangladesh can submit information on its CSR activities for Nomination.

Each company can submit CSR Initiatives under as many categories as they want.

CSR Activities that have started, ended, or continue to run and create impact  throughout the period till date are all eligible for consideration. We are accepting CSR Award nominations for seven specific categories which are given here.

Rules for Submissions

Each company can submit as many CSR Project Submissions as they want, given that they started, ended, or have continued to run them during the period of Jan-Dec 2022.

Yes, one CSR Project can fall under different Award Categories, and a company can nominate each project under multiple categories.

Upto 5 nominees from each of the seven categories (21 in total) will be invited to the Award Ceremony as Finalists, where the winners will be announced by Industry and Government Leaders at a Grand Event.

The prestigious CSR Awards 2021 will be awarded to 7 winners (6 companies and 1 individual), one from each announced category.

No. Each company can submit as many CSR Projects as nominations as they want, free of cost.

Once you submit your nominations, they cannot be edited. If you need to correct something crucial, please feel free to contact us.

Following the submission deadline of 10th October 2023, the Finalists will be announced by 17th November 2023. 21 Finalists will be invited to a Grand Award Ceremony in Dhaka, where 7 Winners will be announced.

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