Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Award Finalists 2023: How Multifabs Ltd. is supporting migrant RMG workers communities

Multifabs Limited has carried out various social responsibility initiatives in Kashimpur, a town
near Dhaka where many of its factories are located. Kashimpur is home to a large population
of migrant workers who face challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, lack of access to basic
services, and social exclusion. Multifabs Limited has implemented several programs to
address these issues and create impacts for the worker community in Kashimpur.

Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards Finalists 2023: How bKash is creating আলোকিত মানুষ, বিকশিত বাংলাদেশ

bKash Limited’s initiative, under the slogan আেলািকত মানুষ িবকিশত বাংলােদশ focuses on enabling
and encouraging reading and a hunger for knowledge in children across the country. This includes donating books, funding libraries, hosting science festivals and reaching out to children with special needs.