Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards Finalists 2023: How Mamun Biswas is extending support to helpless and underprivileged people through his Karuna Foundation

In the realm of social interaction, the helpless and marginalized people found support at the feet of 34-year-old Yusuf, Mamun Biswas. With the help of some good-hearted individuals, Mamun Biswas extended his hand of assistance in every possible way. After reaching adulthood, Mamun Biswas made an appeal to everyone who could extend their support to assist those in need. He continued to provide assistance to people of all ages.

Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards Finalists 2023: How Md. Arifur Rahman is feeding 1200+ underprivileged people each day

Md. Arifur Rahman is the founder of Valo Kajer Hotel which is a social initiative that provides meals for good deeds to the homeless,
helpless, and rootless people in Bangladesh. The initiative was started in 2009 by a group
of volunteers who wanted to help the needy and inspire them to do good deeds for the society. The initiative operates in six locations in Dhaka and Chattogram.

Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards Finalist 2023: How Arian Arif’s মজার ইশকুল is ensuring education for street children

Arian Arif, is the Founder & Executive Director of Odommo Bangladesh Foundation also known as Mojar School (মজা র ইশকু ল). Established in January 10, 2013, near Dhaka University’s Suhrawardy Udyan, Mojar School began with 13 street children and has now grown to 2300 students across 20 branches as of 2023. Mojar School’s goal is to ensure a Bangladesh free of street children and has a good ecosystem to reach this vision based on the street children’s lifestyle.