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Meet the winners

for 2021

Meet the Winners

Meet the winners of A Better Tomorrow™ CSR Awards 2021

Best CSR in Education

DBBL Scholarship Program by Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd

Best CSR in Environment

Livelihood Program for Conservation by BSRM Group

Best CSR in Community Engagement

Sustainable Sourcing for Farmers by Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd

Best CSR in Healthcare

Prime Bank Eye Hospital by Prime Bank Ltd

Best CSR in Covid-19 Response

Standard Chartered Bangladesh Ltd

Best CSR in Financial Inclusion

Empower through Employment by Banglalink

Young Humanitarian of the year

Amiya Prapan Chakraborty Arka, Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation

Young Humanitarian of the year

Ahmed Imtiaz Jami, Obhizatrik Foundation

Young Humanitarian of the year

Esrat Karim Eve, Amal Foundation

Young Humanitarian of the year

Tawhida Shiropa, Moner Bondhu

Young Humanitarian of the year

Ratul Dev, GenLab

Best CSR in Education - DBBL Scholarship Program

Nominated by: Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
Project Initiation: 1995

Project Summary

Since its inception in 1995, Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited has providing been one of the country’s biggest CSR-funded scholarships in the country. Till date, Tk. 4,272.24 million scholarships has been provided to meritorious students in need of financial support every month, with a total of 62,752 students having received the stipend.


  • Merit-based Scholarships paid each month
  • 4,272.24 million disbursed till date, paid to their account each month
  • 62,752 students from HSC to Masters degrees supported, primarily from rural and vulnerable communities
  • 15,245 students graduated to be respectable job holders

Best CSR in Healthcare - Prime Bank Eye Hospital

Nominated by: Prime Bank Limited
Project Initiation: 2012

Project Summary

PBEH operates with a mission to render highly affordable, quality eye care to as many people as possible. This includes serving patients from all backgrounds and giving the same quality service to those who need it but can barely afford healthcare. This involves subsidized fees, free medical camps and treatment for those in need.


  • 8,071 patients underwent free surgeries
  • 135,744 patients from low income households treated for eyesight problems
  • Over 30 medical camps held for low-income areas at Narayanhat, Bhujpur, Fatikchari and Chattagram

Best CSR in Environment - Livelihood Program for Conservation

Nominated by: BSRM Group of Companies
Project Partners: Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)
Project Initiation: 2013

Project Summary

This income-generation project targets the poor and mostly landless communities in Mirasharai, Chittagong, whose primary source of income is to fell trees and collect bamboo to sell to local brick mills as fuel. The project co-ordinators identify these families, provides capacity building support, and pays them a startup fund to start their own agricultural income, which they pay back, and can take out more, in a rotating basis. Nursery, vegetable cultivation, gardening, crop cultivation, cattle rearing and fishery are all options available under this program for the beneficiaries, depending on their available land, skillset and capacity to earn. 


  • 6,940 people shifted to agriculture for income
  • 11.6 million committed as revolving funds for the community
  • 55,520 trees are saved each year from being felled
  • Average monthly income increased by Tk.2,930 per household

Best CSR in CoVID-19 Response - Standard Chartered Bangladesh Ltd

Nominated by: Standard Chartered
Project Partners: BRAC, Kumudini Welfare Trust, Biddyanondo, SAJIDA Foundation, UCEP Bangladesh, UNICEF, Red Cross
Project Initiation: 2020

Project Summary

Recognized to have the Highest CSR spending for international banks in Bangladesh in 2020, SCB partnered with multiple public and development sector bodies to reach out to farmers, healthcare workers, the education sector and those in need of immediate relief support.


  • Provided 3.6 million meals to 120,000+ people
  • 2,000 farmers supported by sourcing harvests and donated to 200,000 affected.
  • Supported 560 patients with critical ICU support for 14-day periods
  • Donated equipment and support worth Tk.25.6 million to frontline workers
  • 111.3 million disbursed to support remote education and protection for children in need
  • Helped 300 trainees to switch to employment with vocational training and job placements

Best CSR in Community Engagement - Sustainable Sourcing for Farmers

Nominated by: Nestlé Bangladesh Limited
Project Initiation: 2008

Project Summary

Since 2008, this program enabled Nestlé to build capacity and agricultural knowledge of farmers in communities they operate in, as well as eventually shift to 100% local sourcing of their products –rice, wheat, dairy and honey – from them, giving farmers access to international-quality harvests that gives them a safeguard for their income.


  • 1.5 million invested in training and introducing quality control methods
  • 200 farmers in Rangpur trained and supplying to Nestlé
  • 10-25% increase in monthly income, with a stable and steady income safety net for suppliers of the company

Best CSR in Financial Inclusion - Empower through Employment

Nominated by: Banglalink Digital Communications Limited
Project Partners: Google Area 120 and Kormo Jobs by Google
Project Initiation: 2018

Project Summary

The vision of this program is to give in-person support to job seekers. Kormo has physical presence in Banglalink outlets (both big – mono-brand outlet (MBO) and small Banglalink Sales and Service Points BSSP) throughout the capital. When job seekers come to these outlets to get services, dedicated Brand Promoters (BPs) pitch them about Kormo and on board them to the platform to give access to jobs. A large segment of the urban youth come to these locations to avail services – and this allows Kormo to reach out to a large number of its target group very fast in Dhaka. The company bolsters opportunities to the community of jobseekers with job fairs and training sessions.


  • 70,000+ job seekers applied through the app, from where 10,000+ went through the final interview
  • 70 Banglalink outlets with Kormo rep.s see an average footfall of 8,000 job seekers per month
  • 50+ employers joined in with 350 jobs in the online job fair
  • Online training sessions with experts were joined in by 15,000+ job seekers

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Amiya Prapan Chakraborty Arka

Organization: Executive Director, Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF)

Project Summary

Amiya Prapan Chakraborty (Arka) founded Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF) in 2011 which has grown into one of the biggest spaces for youth across Bangladesh to engage in social activities, volunteerism and policy-level dialogue.


  • Founder and Executive Director of DYDF
  • 300,000 youth volunteers engaged per year under leadership through DYDF
  • 4,000+ youth social entrepreneurs created, with 1,700 women entrepreneurs
  • Over 5 million marginalized people impacted through different social initiatives
  • 44,000+ registered volunteer members and 200+ youth organizations under the DYDF network

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Ahmed Imtiaz Jami

Organization: Founder, Obhizatrik Foundation

Project Summary

Jami founded Obhizatrik Foundation in 2010 with a small free school for the underprivileged. Its cornerstone project, “Shokkhom”, started in 2016, creates 23 different small business models for donors to fund. This ranges from Transportation based businesses, Small and Medium Enterprises, Agro-based business and Livestock business and can cost as little as Tk.10,000 to start up. All participants in Shokkhom start earning by 6-8 months of onboarding.


  • 1 million people supported though relief and outreach programs
  • 3,500 volunteers mobilized till date
  • Free primary education provided to 500 children in Obhizatrik school
  • 550 small businesses set up for families in seven districts with Zakat and corporate funds

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Esrat Karim Eve

Organization: Founder & Director, AMAL Foundation

Project Summary

After an internship at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Esrat returned to Bangladesh to contribute to the welfare of the country, founding AMAL with a few friends. Today, her Foundation’s contributions towards Education, Disaster support, Woment and Children Empowerment, and healthcare has granted her national and international recognitions, including a place in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia in 2020.


  • 220 students in 3 free primary schools in Remore Char and Rohingya refugee camps
  • 200,000+ received winter support and 123,000+ received relief support till date
  • 300 women empowered with handicraft skill training and access to markets to sell their craft.
  • 200+ health camps affecting 100,000+ people held

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Tawhida Shiropa

Organization: Founder & CEO, Moner Bondhu

Project Summary

Tawhida Shiropa founded “Moner Bondhu” to start creating awareness and breaking stigma on mental health issues and treatment, while providing solutions, treatment and quality mental healthcare service to those in need of it. Moner Bondhu is a challenging undertaking in a country where people ignore mental illness and consequently suffer the effects of poor mental health care services, societal taboo and lack of awareness.


  • 2 million people reached through 192 awareness sessions and workshops
  • Served 4 million+ people in 10 countries with quality mental health service
  • Arranged mental health training and service to 20,500 RMG workers and 250 Dalit women
  • Connected 100,000+ youth in mental health dialogues
  • Organized 350 radio and 16 TV programs on mental health awareness

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Ratul Dev

Organization: Founder & Executive Director, Gen Lab

Project Summary

Ratul Dev founded Gen Lab in 2015 with a vision to engage youth across the world for peaceful, tolerant and inclusive communities. Since its inception, he worked with Government ministries, UN bodies, non-profits, universities and media houses in Bangladesh and connected youth in Bangladesh and SAARC countries in programs focusing on peace, climate change and gender rights.


  • Led 76 programs focusing on peace, climate change, gender rights
  • 300,000+ youths in Bangladesh and SAARC countries impacted by peace, violence and equal rights awareness through art, cultural and training programs
  • 30 youth-led business ideas and 200 women entrepreneurs supported and funded
  • Dialogues on equality and preventing violent extremism in schools around Rohingya camps and BCS Cadres

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