Meet the winners

for 2022

Meet the Winners

Meet the winners of Bangladesh Sustainability Excellence Awards 2022

Sustainability excellence in Education

Nationwide Book Reading Program and Science Festival by bKash

Sustainability excellence in Environment

Mangrove Plantation for Climate mitigation by HSBC Bangladesh

sustainability excellence in Community Engagement

Women Business Centres (WBC) by Coca Cola Bangladesh Ltd.

sustainability excelence in Healthcare

Comprehensive Health Program by LafargeHolcim Bnagladesh Ltd.

sustainability excellence in disaster Response

Joy of Giving by Epyllion Group

sustainability excellence in Financial Inclusion

SWAPNO by Marico Bangladesh Ltd.

Young Humanitarian of the year

Md. Adnan Hossain, It's Humanity Foundation (IHF)

Young Humanitarian of the year

Dr Shekh Mohammed Moinul Islam, Human Aid Bangladesh Foundation

Young Humanitarian of the year

Shanjidul Alam Seban Shaan, EcoVation Bangladesh

Young Humanitarian of the year

Azwa Nayeem, Alokito Hridoy Foundation

Young Humanitarian of the year

Md Sahariar Hasan Jiisun, Bloodman

sustainability excellence in Education - Nationwide book reading program and science festival

Nominated by: bKash Limited
Project Initiation: 2014

Project Summary

bKash Limited’s initiative focuses on enabling and encouraging reading and a hunger for knowledge in children across the country. This includes donating books, funding libraries, hosting science festivals and reaching out to children with special needs.


  • Donated 2.36 million books in 3000+ schools
  • Research shows 126 new books read by 2.7
    million children in the book reading program
  • 10,000+ students from 350 schools in 7
    divisions joined in national Science Festivals
    organized with Bigganchinta

sustainability excellence in environment - Mangrove Plantation for Climate mitigation

Nominated by: HSBC
Project Initiation: 2021

Project Summary

In partnership with BRAC, HSBC planter 42,500 mangrove trees and conducted climate change awareness initiative in Mirsharai, Chittagong. The plantation was carried out in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpa Nagar area.


  • 42,500 mangrove saplings planted,
    offsetting an estimated 490 tonnes of
    Carbon/yr over the next 20 years
  • 200+ local students engaged in climate
    change awareness and importance of
    mangroves in coastal areas

sustainability excellence in community engagement-Women Business Centers (WBC)

Nominated by: Coca Cola Bangladesh Ltd
Project Initiation: 2015

Project Summary

 The objective of WBCs is to create fully sustainable businesses in rural communities led by women. The women-run facilities are developed by The Coca-Cola Foundation in partnership with United Purpose and are provided with training and capital to address daily obstacles that women entrepreneurs face and provide necessary solutions.


  • 100 WBCs run in 5 districts
  • 100,000+ women entrepreneurs trained and developed their own businesses
  • Each business earns 40k-50k/month
  • Women earning through WBCs plays more active roles in their family

sustainability excellence in healthcare - Comprehensive Health Program
for Chhatak community

Nominated by:LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Ltd.
Project Initiation: 2001

Project Summary

LafargeHolcim provides free primary health care support for remote and marginalized communities around our their integrated cement plant in Chhatak, Sunamganj.


  • Fully funded medical center built to serve 3 remote villages
  • 5+ crores spent on infrastructure and maintenance since 2001
  • 250,000+ patients served free of cost

sustainability excellence in disaster response - joy of giving

Nominated by: Epyllion Group
Project Initiation: 2021

Project Summary

Epyllion Group continued to provide medical, infrastructural and relief support right before lockdowns and the pandemic hit the country e till offices and schools opened. They also supported flood victims with relief and built new homes for hundreds of those marginalized and displaced.


  • 4,000+ families in Gazipur and Sunamganj received relief support for a month during the final pandemic lockdown
  • 3000+ stranded families in shelters in Sunamganj during the flood received 1 weeks’ relief
  • 116 families relocated with new houses built for them, with an investment of Tk. 2.32+ crores after natural disasters

sustainability excellence in Financial Inclusion - swapno

Nominated by: Marico Bangladesh Ltd
Project Initiation: 2015

Project Summary

SWAPNO (Strengthening Women’s Ability for Productive New Opportunities) is a best-in class “poverty graduation” or “social transfer” model aimed at delivering social and economic empowerment of ultra-poor and vulnerable rural women through sustainable livelihoods, food security and financial inclusion.


  • 10,000 women-led households graduated out of ultra-poverty
  • 83% rise in income and a 43% rise in asset ownership for women in the program
  • 65,000 ultra-poor women in 1030 Unions in 106 Upazilas of 22 districts benefitted

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Md. Adnan Hossain

Project Name: It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF)
Work Initiated on: 2010

Project Summary

Md. Adnan Hossain is the founder and chairman of It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF). His organization builds solutions for marginalized communities by ensuring free quality education, healthcare, and skill development training to help them break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.


  • 400,000+ people impacted by his work till date
  • 2000+ students receiving free education in 8 schools along with free meals
  • 2,500+ rural women and artisans trained and helped to set up businesses
  • Provided relief support in various disasters over the last decade to 350,000+ victims
  • 50+ free medical camps held in various districts
  • 1,000+ youth volunteers joined in under his leadership

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Dr Shekh Mohammed Moinul Islam

Project name: Humain Aid Bangladesh Foundation

Work initiated on: 2009


Project Summary

Dr. Shekh Md Moin is the founder and president of Humain Aid Bangladesh Foundation. Under his vision, the Foundation empowers people and improves their quality of life through Health, health education, women empowerment & youth Leadership


  • 1,500,000+ people impacted by his work till date
  • 50,000+ bags of blood donated to Thalassemia patients from 10,000+ volunteers
  • 300+ medical camps held during natural disasters
  • 800,000+ received free treatment and relief support till date
  • 11 major hospitals supported with PPEs and masks in early days of pandemic
  • 200,000+ free COVID screenings
  • 5 mil+ reached with awareness campaigns during COVID through various media

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Shanjidul Alam Seban Shaan

Project Name: EcoVationBangladesh
Work Initiated on: 2014

Project Summary

Shanjidul Alam is the founder of EcoVation and the Bangladesh representative for Liter of Light Global Foundation. His work engages youth volunteers with communities to benefit marginalized people through solar power and tech innovations.


  • 250,000+ people impacted by his work till date
  • 150,000+ homes received ecofriendly solar powered lights
  • 20 solar-powered water systems set up in remote areas and Rohingya camps
  • 3,500+ youth volunteers trained to develop technologies that help communities

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Azwa Nayeem

Project Name: Alokito Hridoy Foundation
Work Initiated on: 2016

Project Summary

Azwa Nayeem is the Founder of Alokito Hridoy Foundation, and is impacting lives and quality of education in schools by training thousands of teachers in modern and gamified teaching methods, focusing from rural to even the remotest areas of the country.


  • 15,000+ teachers in rural and low income areas trained in modern effective learning practices free of cost

Young Humanitarian of the Year - Md Sahariar Hasan Jiisun

Project Name: Bloodman
Work Initiated on: 2014

Project Summary

Shahriar Hasan Jisun is the Founder & Chairman of Bloodman, a non-profit initiative that drives voluntary blood donations and connects patients to blood donors in Bangladesh.


  • Connected 100,000+ blood donors with patients
  • Helped 500,000+ people find blood donors partnering with Facebook and Meta
  • Blood donation tool support to 400 hospitals
  • 40,000+ received relief supplies in various disasters
  • Planted 10,000+ trees

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